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Pronunciation: shar-doh-NAY

Definition: Chardonnay is one of the major grape varieties grown world wide. It is also one of the most popular grapes for drinkers due to its mild flavor and vintners because it is easier to grow than other grapes.

Flavor Profile: The taste of Chardonnay is equally versatile but alone it is fairly neutral. Oaking and terroir can produce Chardonnays that taste of pear and apple or have sweet honey or vanilla notes. Cool climate Chardonnays taste of green plum, apple and pear while those from a warm climate taste more of citrus, peach and melon. In very warm temperatures the grapes give a tropical flavor to wine with the most common notes being those of fig, banana and mango.

Food Pairing: Chardonnay is best paired with seafood - both fish and shellfish - poultry and pork. A buttery Chardonnay goes best with spices like curry and tamarind while richer dishes are best eaten with a more acidic Chardonnay. Because of the difference in Chardonnays, which swing from acidic citrusy wines to the more rounded tropical flavors, pairings are best when they offer a contrast in flavors with the food.

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$19.00  / Bottle
$228.00  / Case
$24.00  / Bottle
$288.00  / Case
$45.00  / Bottle
$540.00  / Case
$20.00  / Bottle
$240.00  / Case
$35.00  / Bottle
$420.00  / Case
$20.00  / Bottle
$240.00  / Case
$25.00  / Bottle
$300.00  / Case
$30.00  / Bottle
$360.00  / Case
$14.00  / Bottle
$168.00  / Case
$24.00  / Bottle
$288.00  / Case
$18.00  / Bottle
$216.00  / Case
$50.00  / Bottle
$600.00  / Case
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