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Team Building Activities

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Add a unique twist and competitive edge to your wine tasting event with interactive workshops and competitions. Whether a test of one's knowledge or palate, each game is designed to create a more memorable experience for your special guests.

Bordeaux Blending Workshop

Hands-on lesson in blending wine. Attendees are guided by the winemaker in tasting each base component wine and will have the opportunity to decipher and recreate the winemaker's master Bordeaux-style blend. The team who comes closest to the master blend wins, and each team player takes home a Reserve bottle of Meritage.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $49* per person

The Meritage Mission

The winemaking experience - condensed into a fun and competitive one hour reception. "Winery Teams" work together to produce the best Bordeaux type blend, design a label and invent a catchy slogan and selling points for their wine. Prizes are awarded to the finest tasting Meritage blend, the most creative winery label and the best team product sales pitch. A Taste of Monterey provides all the wine, materials and guidance for this entertaining team building event, which your guests are sure to remember. Winning team members will receive a bottle of Meritage.

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
Cost: $45* per person

Wine & Food Pairing

Usher your guests into the amazing world of wine and food pairing! This interactive enhancement is ideal for turning an average lunch or dinner into a fun team building event. During each course the participants choose the ultimate wine and food match. Sometimes they try two wines with a single dish, while other courses consist of two dishes with one wine. Throughout the meal, guests will learn wine and food pairing dos and don'ts. Guests will enjoy the lively atmosphere while discovering Monterey County's culinary delights. Prizes are awarded for the winning table or team.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $30* per person

Wine Carnival***

Enhance your Wine Reception and liven up your event with fun and educational wine games. Much more than a simple wine tasting. Our carnival games bring humor, creativity and wine knowledge to the party. Choose from any of the games below.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $5* per person per activity

  • Varietal Vertigo: Guests smell, swirl and taste wines in an attempt to identify each varietal.
  • Wine Blending: One of our resident wine makers will guide guests in making their own personalized wine blend.
  • What's That Smell?: Guests compete to identify characteristics of wine through smelling wines that have been enhanced with various essences.
  • Impossible Ring Toss: Toss the ring around our double magnum bottle for a chance to spin the wheel and win a prize!
  • Grape Spit**: Go for the distance in this hilarious contest of who can spit a grape the farthest.
  • Barrel Rolling**: A Barrel of Laughs! Navigate our slalom course with real wine barrels, and learn to roll em' like the professionals.

* 8.625% Tax and 19% service charge not included
** Grape Spit and Barrel Rolling games must have prior approval by the venue where event is being held.
*** Wine Carnival Games offered are for enhancements to a Wine Tasting Reception / Dinner only


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